Sunday, January 17, 2016

All About Rylee at 2 Years Old

It's Rylee's turn!  Miss Rylee has a big personality in a little body.  She is 5 lbs lighter than her brother and 2 full inches shorter.  Rylee is 26.4 lbs (24%) and 33 inches tall (48%), which is actually a big change from their 18 month check up when she was in the 59th percentile for weight and 23rd percentile for height!  She continues to have a cute little Buddha belly though, or as I call it, her milk belly.  The girl LOVES her milk!  Seriously.  I think she'd drink a whole entire gallon every day if we'd let her!  She calls milk "ku."  I don't know why she calls it that, but it's very cool that she at least has a word for it and it's a big bonus that we actually know what it means!

At Community Playgroup
Rylee is mostly wearing size 24 month clothing, but can still fit in some 12-18 month pants and is wearing up to 2T in a lot of tops and dresses.  Why is there such a size discrepancy between clothing brands???  She is wearing size 4 diapers and size 6 shoes.

Rylee has really gotten into playing with baby dolls in the last few months.  There's a "baby" at Community Playgroup that she has adopted, and heaven help us all if another kid happens to want to play with it, or if we had to put it away because it was time to go home.  That baby is HERS!  We had one baby at home that was given to us second hand, but it is all hard plastic.  She enjoyed playing with it a lot, but it's not one she could really snuggle with, so we got her a brand new baby doll for her birthday.  She loves it!  Now when she plays with her babies, she hands the old, hard one to her brother to play with.  Or she tries to anyway.  He's not really into it.  lol  Also since getting the new baby, she's not quite as attached to the one at Playgroup.  She still doesn't like anyone else playing with it, but at least there's no temper tantrum when we have to leave it behind!

Opening her birthday present
Pushing her new baby around in Ayden's truck.
Napping with her baby.
Rylee's absolute favorite thing to do is run.  She LOVES to play a good game of chase around the house.  She also adores running to us outside and giving big ole hugs.  It might be the cutest thing ever, especially because she giggles so hard the entire time!  Rylee also likes to color.  Just as of last week, she can now recognize and say the color "yellow."  She also can say "purple," but doesn't recognize it as a color yet.  I recently bought them their first coloring books, and they both are really enjoying looking and "coloring" actual pictures and not just blank pieces of paper.

So much joy!

She does AMAZING work!  Just kidding.
Momma has helped a little bit.  Wink Wink
Rylee has really started saying a LOT of words!  She will repeat almost the whole alphabet back to us, one letter at a time.  She's not as good with numbers yet though.  When I ask her to say one, she says "two."  At least she knows what comes after one!  haha  She is very good at quite a few animal sounds now: dog, cat, cow, horse, duck, sheep, elephant, and monkey.  She says please (without the letter L), but we're still working on thank you.  She can say help, but needs to be reminded to use her words rather than whining when she wants help with something.  She says eyes, teeth, hair, eyebrow, and cheek, and can point to several other body parts.  She sings "Let It Go," but those are the only words she knows to the song.  If someone hurts themselves or coughs, she asks if they are okay.  She will then mimic bumping into things or fake a cough, and then tell you SHE'S okay, which is totally adorable.  The girl loves to give high fives and constantly asks for them.  It's kind of inconvenient sometimes, like when you are sitting across the table at dinner and she holds up her hand and says "high five."  You totally don't want to get up and scoot around the table to her, but it's impossible to resist the cuteness so you do it anyway.

Rylee may not be quite as curious and into everything as Ayden, but she does hold her own in being a little daredevil.  She's usually involved, or not very far behind, whatever mischief he happens to get into.

Rylee eats pretty good with a spoon and a fork, but often asks for help (and then gets mad because she wants to do it herself).  Her favorite foods are cheese, applesauce, waffles, and crackers.  She will also eat eggs, bananas, turkey sausage, and pasta consistently.  She's kind of a frustrating little eater actually.  One day, she won't touch a food, but the next she may wolf it down and ask for more.  Or I might think something is a favorite, but she will totally refuse it the following week.  I can finally say that Rylee has stopped throwing all her food on the floor during Every. Single. meal and snack though.  That is a huge relief for me!  Much better on my blood pressure too.

Rylee is very much trying to learn this whole dressing and undressing thing.  We constantly have to put the baby's clothes back on it throughout the day, just so she can take them off again.  She has taken her own shirt off several times.  It's a huge chore trying to keep a coat or jacket zipped up on her so we can get out of the house.  As soon as I put it on her and zip her up, she's got that zipper down again.  She's recently started trying to put shirts and jackets on by herself.  She hasn't been successful yet, but I'm sure the day will be coming very soon that Rylee will be playing dress up and going through many outfits a day.  She won't keep a pair of socks on her feet at all if she doesn't also have shoes on, but she LOVES to put boots on all by herself and will happily wear them all day long.

This is how I found her one morning when I went in to get her.
I am very much dreading the day she also takes off her diaper.
We think she's starting to develop a funny little personality.  There are moments that we think she is totally being a tease.  She will hold out a toy to Ayden, but then snatch it back.  Tony, Rylee, and I were sitting on the floor together one day.  Tony asked her where mommy was and she pointed to him, saying "mommy."  When he asked who daddy was, she pointed to me and said "daddy."  We laughed and said "nooooo.  Are you being funny?"  And she repeated "funny!"

I can't imagine my life without this sweet, funny little girl in it.  Sometimes we just sit back in awe of how lucky we were to be blessed with not one, but two babies.  It seems like just yesterday (okay, maybe last month) they were born, and now they are TWO year olds!

First time in the snow (the measly little bit we got). 
She has recently started covering herself up on the couch.
Our fashionista.


  1. Awwwww..... your baby is so cute.... I loved your pics.

  2. This girl is sooooo ADORABLE!!!! I laughed and so enjoyed reading about little Miss Rylee!! I've known she was sweet from the beginning and she sure is growing into that and funny!!! The picture with her napping with her baby doll, CUTE and that hair, is growing and gorgeous!! But to top that off, to read about her loving to run, giving hugs and giggling and then to see the picture of her in her little pink suit outside, running, OMGosh, THE CUTENESS!!!!! You two have been truly blessed by these precious little miracles and I can't wait for another visit!!!! Love and hugs, Auntie

    1. Haha! I wasn't so sure in the beginning! Lol. I'm kidding of course. She was just so miserable, it was hard to see past those first 3 months! I'm so glad that is behind us now and we have such a happy girl!

  3. Your kids are some of the happiest kids I have seen in a long time. Such a great update of Rylee. Adorable!

    1. Aww, you have no idea how much that means to me! Thank you :)

  4. Lovely pics... your baby is looking so cute... Love your baby.
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  5. Izzy is obsessed with milk too! I'd love to get her drinking less but girlfriend would freak out I bet. Izzy will also ask "mommy/daddy okay?" which is seriously adorable.

    Rylee sounds like she is doing great! She continues to be adorable!

    1. Rylee's been asking for milk allll dayyyy looonnnnggg now! Obsessed is a very good word.