Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Cheese

I know I've said this before, but it really seems crazy that there once was a time that we worried about whether Rylee would ever be a happy baby.  I mean, during her first three months, if she was awake, she was crying.  It was hard and we worried about how that would potentially effect her developmentally, along with the issues we were having with her hemangiomas.

She is such a happy baby now!  She is rarely fussy and smiles all the time.  She even laughs now!  Full on belly laughs and it is so adorable and funny.  I say funny because it's kind of a deep laughing sound for such a little girl.  But then, I think it's difficult not to get a kick out of ANY baby that is laughing.  It's just all the more special to me when it's MY baby laughing.  Sigh of contentment.

It's still a challenge to get her to smile for the camera.  At times, she can be very serious....

Those eyes...

But then there are times that she actually let's me capture her big cheesy grin....

Say CHEESE!  (She was pretty happy about her dinner!  haha)

This girl makes ME smile a big goofy grin!

And not to leave out Ayden, who still gives away his big smile for free to just about anyone....

He also REALLY likes to stick his tongue out now...


  1. Aww how nice you were able to catch Rylee's smile on camera! They are both absolutely precious and cute!

    I think babies have personalities right from the start

  2. I remember you worrying about Rylee being happy and I am so glad she is there now :) I love seeing these two smiling, just melts my heart with every picture you post!

  3. Awwwww smiley and laughing babies are the best!!

  4. Aww what happy babies! I'm glad Rylee has recovered from the rough first few months she had.

  5. What an adorable post and pics!! I agree with you, love the big eyes on that sweet little girl who melts my heart and Ayden just always makes me smile and chuckle with every pic. I love the tongue pic! On another note, you guys have REALLY done some cleaning out and packing! Love and hugs, Aunt D

  6. sometimes i forget what a rough go she had during her first 3 months of life since she is such a big cheeser now! what cuties!

  7. Rylee looks so adorable. I mean, they're both cute, but these pictures where she doesn't smile are cute nonetheless. I'm so very happy to hear she outgrew her initial troubles!