Monday, July 28, 2014

7 Month Birthday

The babies turned 7 months old on the 23rd, last Wednesday.  I've been looking forward to writing this post and sharing their pictures!  Well, since I've just recently done posts dedicated to each baby individually, I don't actually have a lot to write about, so mostly just pictures of my cutie patooties.

Rylee really does smile!  I get lucky enough to capture it on camera sometimes.
Having what appears to be a serious conversation
First time using sippy cups
Mommy and me (us) selfie
Gotta love the baby overalls!
Ayden had his first occupational therapy appointment last week.  It was mostly just a consultation to check his fine motor skills.  He still tends to hold his wrists at funny angles sometimes, curling them instead of putting them down flat on the floor when he is on his belly.  He also has trouble grabbing/grasping things.  It doesn't come as easily to him.  The consensus is that he is just a bit behind but that he is fine.  We just didn't want to miss anything if there was something to be concerned about.  He will have at least one more OT appointment and then that will probably be it.

As of yesterday, Ayden is now getting up on all fours!  He has rocked back and forth a bit on his hands and knees.  I'm pretty sure it won't be long before we have a crawler!  And Rylee isn't very far behind!  She is a funny little person and does more planking than getting on her hands and knees though.  She actually gets on her hands and TOES!  No knees touching, hands down with arms out as far as she can get them in front of her.  Wish I could do that!  I keep wanting to get a picture of it, but I am always to slow to grab my phone.

Oh!  Ayden has his first tooth!  It broke through on Friday and boy is it sharp!  I have to be careful letting him bite down on my fingers now because that sucker hurts!  Unfortunately, this whole teething process isn't treating Ayden too well.  Putting him down to bed at night has become a bit of a challenge.  He still goes down for naps relatively easy, but that sometimes doesn't go well either.  He's been a bit of a grumpypants, but yet we can still get lots of smiles from him too.

I just love that smile!
We have an appointment for Rylee to see a GI specialist.  Our pediatrician doesn't think there is really anything wrong beyond the normal reflux, but we want to be sure on that and rule out there being a more serious issue.  She is still spitting up/vomiting quite a bit.  We couldn't get in until September 2nd though. We've gone from a little baby quilt on the living room floor for them to play on, to two baby quilts put together, to one of our blankets.  Now that the babies are moving around more and more, we have to cover more area to protect our carpet!  I put towels under the blankets because there is so much spit up, it soaks right through.  I'm looking forward to the end of the spit up days.  I'm afraid that by the time that day comes though, our entire living room floor will be covered in blankets and towels!

Rylee has now slept a record 8 1/2 hours in her crib, although it has only happened once.  It still varies anywhere from 3-8 hours before I have to go get her to finish out the night sleeping with me.  There is no consistancy in how long or short it will be.  I thought we'd made a break through when she went 3 days in a row sleeping 6-8 1/2 hours straight, but then it was down to only a few hours again.  It varies and I just keep reminding myself that this phase will eventually pass.  I do enjoy getting extra cuddle time with her, but I also look forward to the day I can sleep the whole night in my own bed.

Miss Rylee
We are having so much fun with our babies!  Some days are exhausting and frustrating, but I still wouldn't change it for our old life with no kids.  Tony and I went on our first date yesterday since the babies have been born.  We were just gonna go to a movie, but we had a little extra time beforehand so we stopped at our local miniature golf course.  It's just a rink-a-dink course run by a local man at his house, but I had never been there before and we didn't know what else to do with ourselves and our free time.  We had fun (and I kicked Tony's butt, which NEVER happens!), but we kept thinking the whole time how much fun it will be when we can take our kids to do stuff like that.  Oh the things we are looking forward to doing!  Not that I want time to speed up any faster than it already is.  It's amazing to watch them grow and change right before our eyes!

Now, for the rest of their 7 month birthday pictures!

I love the look on Rylee's face

My mom was here when I took these pictures and she commented on the workout I was getting trying to get some decent pictures!  It's not easy when you have two little rugrats who don't want to sit still, and even harder when you have one that is SO difficult to get a smile from for the camera!  Here are some of the OUTTAKES from our little photo shoot:

No words.  Just laugh.
I believe I caught Rylee in the middle of a sneeze!
"Stay back Brother.  I got this!"
"Mooooom!  I'm so tired of that stupid flower in my face!"
"Mmmmm.  You taste so good!"


  1. What absolute cuties! Happy 7 months, babies!

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  3. AWWWWWW, love this post, the stories, the love from Mommy and OMGOSH, the pictures and their captures could just melt this Auntie's heart!!!! Crawling, teeth and just pure joy. Wish I was closer!!! Lots of love and hugs, Auntie! Thanks for finishing a very good day with more smiles!

  4. Don't think I will ever get tired of seeing these update pictures. Such cutie pies!

  5. Amber, I can't even handle their cuteness!!! And how much they look alike :)

  6. Your outtakes are priceless!

  7. LOL the outtakes are hilarious!! Such cute babies!! The picture of Rylee moving too much is very much how it is these days in our house- it's hard to get a good picture because Izzy is bouncing up and down or doing something all the time!!

  8. awww great photos as always! I love the anchor outfits :)