Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Easter Oops

Or more like a parenting oops that happened on Easter.  So here's the story...

We decided to surprise Tony's parents and Grandpa by joining them this morning at their church service.  It's a small church and I know that many of the members have said lots of prayers for us and our babies.  I knew that Tony's mom would LOVE the opportunity to show off her twin grandbabies, so we decided we'd go so everyone could meet Ayden and Rylee, and it would be a great Easter surprise for his parents and Grandpa.

Of course we were rushed trying to get ourselves and the babies ready this morning.  It's not easy trying to get yourself ready, in addition to making sure the babies are fed, diapers changed, and dressed.  Oh and let's not forget needing to get the diaper bag ready as well.  It needed to be packed for the day, as Tony would be taking the babies out to his parents for lunch after church.  (I came home to get some much needed stuff done and actually have some time to myself also)

I was so excited to put Rylee in her first dress ever.  I feel like dressing the kiddos is like playing dress up with dolls sometimes.  You just can't wait to see how cute they will be!  And let me just say that Miss Rylee looked absolutely adorable in her Easter dress!  Of course, Ayden looked pretty handsome as well in his button up western onsie.  There's just nothing like getting a little girl decked out in her first dress though.

We were rushing to get out the door and to church on time.  Tony put Ayden in the car and came back in to help me.  I already had Rylee in her carseat on our way out the door, with the diaper bag over my shoulder. I handed Tony the diaper bag, he opened the door for us, and I put Rylee in the car.  I watched Tony go around the back of the car to the other side, thinking he had the diaper bag.  I mean, I DID just hand it to him.

The kids were loaded up, we hopped in the car, and away we went.  We arrived right as church was starting.  We got out of the car, me getting Rylee and Tony getting Ayden out of their car seats.  I asked Tony to grab the diaper bag.


He said: "I gave you the diaper bag."
Me:  "No.  I handed you the diaper bag as we left the house."
Him:  "I set it down at the door."
Me:  "Noooooo, I gave you the diaper bag outside, not in the house."
Him:  "And I set it down at your feet by the car.  I thought you were going to put it in."
Me:  "Well then, it's still sitting in our driveway."

We made our grand entrance into church and of course everyone oooohed and awwwwed.  Tony handed Ayden off to his dad, and then he left to run home and grab the diaper bag.  Thankfully, it was still sitting in the driveway!  Ha!

I know that Tony's parents and Grandpa were proud to show off the twins.  You know what?  I really, really enjoy showing off the twins also.  I think they are pretty great.  And cute.  And adorable. We may have had a parenting oopsy this morning, but it was a pretty great morning anyway.  There were lots of comments about how prayers had been answered.

Happy Easter!


  1. Lol. You two are too cute! Love that you are getting the chance to show off those sweet little babies!

  2. Cute, Adorable and Absolutely Precious!!!!! I'm glad to hear that you had a Happy first Easter as a family!!!! Loved the oops moment!!!! LOL FUNNY!!!! Good memories! Love & hugs, Auntie

    1. PS: I hope that you enjoyed your quiet time at home and maybe even got a bit of a nap or reading time in too, instead of just playing catch up with all of the household chores!

  3. Hey, at least you figured out the diaper bag was missing before you had an Easter blowout, right? Happy Easter to the whole gorgeous family!

  4. Haha I second aramis'a comment! They look adorable! Hope you enjoyed your me time!

  5. Ha ha! So funny! Happy Easter to your beautiful family of four!!

  6. Nice! And that dress and those tights.. Ugh! Your babies are so dang cute. At least you didn't get into church and have a major blowout, then remember you didn't have the diaper bag. haha

  7. Too funny!! You have a beautiful family Amber :)

  8. Haha! Good thing it didn't take you long to realize you didn't have it! What a beautiful family you have, Happy Easter!! xo

  9. So adorable! What a beautiful family.