Friday, December 20, 2013

32 Weeks, 3 Days: Water Breaks

This last Saturday marked 32 weeks.  Sunday was our softball baby shower. Hubby went to the shower too, as softball and these girls have been a huge part of BOTH of our lives.  We had a great turnout, but of course not all the girls were able to make it, which was probably a good thing.  With 20 years of coaching, there would not have been enough room in the house to put everyone!  We were jam packed as it was.

32 weeks
These 3 girls and their mom hosted the shower

With all the girls that were able to attend

It meant a lot that all these girls and their moms came to celebrate these babies with us.  While we struggled to have our own kids, these girls became a huge part of our lives.  It is such a special thing to have the relationships we do with them and their families.


Now onto the big stuff.  On Tuesday, I went to work as usual, trained my first two clients, and was actually feeling pretty decent.  At this point, working and training my clients simply involved me sitting on a physio ball and directing them as to what to do for their workouts.  Easy peasy.

We were just getting started with my third appointment of the day.  I stood up from the ball and immediately felt like I peed my pants.  I was working with two gals at the time.  I looked at them and said, "I think I just peed my pants."  But I just kept leaking.  And then leaked some more.  They asked what they could do to help and I told them I had extra pants in my office.  They could go get started with a circuit workout that they were familiar with, and I would go get myself cleaned up.  But before I went anywhere, I turned around and asked them if it looked like I peed myself before I walked through the club to my office.  They said I was good.

I'd been carrying an extra pair of pants and underwear to work for about 3 weeks at this point, just in case I did actually have an accident and pee myself.  You just never know with pregnancy and I'd heard many stories so I wanted to be proactive and be prepared.  Thank goodness I had those extra pair of pants and underwear!!!!!!

Once I got back into my office, I grabbed the spare pants and undies and went into the little closet we have in the room.  I tried taking my pants off, but I just kept leaking more fluid.  I wasn't sure what to do.  I didn't want to put on the new pants and have them be soaked too!  I finally managed to get my pants off, but was still leaking a little bit so wadded them up to catch whatever I could.  I noticed that the fluid was a little red tinged, so I knew without a doubt that I didn't just pee my pants.  I wasn't sure it was my water breaking either.  It wasn't really a big gush, just a continual leak.  I didn't know what it was for sure, but knew something was going on!

It finally seemed to stop, so I put the dry pants on, went down to the desk counter and got a plastic bag to put the wet ones in.  I asked the two gals working the desk if either of them happened to have a pad I could have.  Yes!  One of them did.  I took the pad into the bathroom, cleaned myself up, put the pad in my new fresh undies, and went back up to my office.  Of course, club members had no idea what was going on and several people tried to engage in conversation.  I just kept things short and sweet and hurried on my way.

Back in my office, I called my OB to ask them what they wanted me to do.  I actually had an appointment scheduled with them for later that morning, so the question was should I come in at the regular scheduled time, did they want me to come in earlier, or go to labor and delivery.  They told me to just go to labor and delivery to get checked out.  Pretty much the answer I expected to get.

I then walked down to the weight room to let my two gals know what was going on because I knew they would be worried about me.  I filled them in, and then once again went back to my office.  I completed my training log and emailed it to my boss so I would be sure to get my last pay check.  I knew there was a very good chance I wouldn't be coming back to work, so I needed to make sure this got done.  We still need to pay the bills! 

I then sent an email out to all the club core staff letting them know what was going on and trying to tie up as many loose ends as possible.  I had gone into work that morning expecting to at least work through the end of the week, so wasn't quite prepared to not be coming back.  I had one of the gals at the front desk call my next client that I was supposed to see that day, to cancel his appointment.

Then, I was finally on my way to the hospital, which was about an hour after the leakage incident.  I wasn't in any pain, no contractions, no more leakage...everything was okay at this point.  Just needed to get checked out and find out what had happened.  Several people offered to drive me to the hospital, but I didn't think it was necessary since I really did feel okay.

I called my husband on my way to let him know what was going on.  He had to take care of canceling all his afternoon appointments and close down his office, and would meet me at the hospital.  Once I got checked into the birthing center, they took me back, checked all my vitals, and did a vaginal swab to see if my water did actually break.

When the lab report came back, we found out that Baby A had bought us a hospital admittance because her water did, in fact, break.  That was on Tuesday, and I've been in the hospital ever since.


The funny thing is, our softball baby shower was originally scheduled for this coming weekend, but we ended up changing the date and did it a week early.  Crazy how things work out sometimes.  If we'd kept the original date, I wouldn't have had that opportunity to have that last hoorah with my softball girls.


There is so much more to add to this story, but that will have to hold out for another day.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I tried blogging on Wednesday from our iPad, but it did NOT work at all and was super frustrating.  Since then, we were able to borrow a lap top from my in-laws, so now hopefully I can be more connected and I will do my best to keep you all informed! 


  1. Glad you updated here. Sending good thoughts to you! Much love!

  2. Wow. Hope you can keep those babies in another week or so. Sorry you are having an extended hospital stay, but glad your water breaking didn't mean immediate delivery. No fun at all. My girls were born at 33 weeks 3 days and they are perfectly healthy. I am guessing you got the steroid shots by now. I hope they can keep cooking, but if not, they will be ok.
    Keep us posted!

  3. Thanks for the update!! I will be thinking of you!! I am guessing this means they will be here in a week or so!? Keep us updated!! Hugs!

  4. Definitely keep us posted! We are thinking of you!!

  5. Um... bury the lead a bit? Hopeing you and the babies are hanging in!

  6. oh my gosh!! I will be thinking of you and can't wait until your next update!!

    Also, what a nice baby shower with the softball girls! I'm so glad you were able to fit it in :)

  7. Ahhh! Keep us posted! Thinking of you!! XOXO

  8. Oh wow! Keep us posted!!! Sending positive thoughts your way!! xoxoxo

  9. Thinking of you and your little ones. I'm sure they gave you steroid shots and those will help so much. I hope those babies hang in there a bit longer. When my water broke I didn't think I'd deliver right away but 3 hours later the girls arrived.

  10. Keep us updated!! You and the babies are in my prayers!

  11. Gosh, what an update! I hope things are okay for now. Will be thinking of you.

    P.S. I have found the blogger app much easier to use to update my blog on the iPad than just safari.

  12. Boy, I am glad that I stopped into see if you had gotten hooked up to a computer! LOVE the pictures! How special that must have been for both of you at the shower with your "girls"!!! Love, hugs and prayers! Auntie

  13. Not the point of this blog post, but I do love that you've stayed in touch with a lot of your softball girls. I've only been coaching at the same school for three years, so I don't have a big group of kids yet, but I hope to stay in touch with them like you have.

    More to the point...glad you are doing well! When you were absent, I wondered about you. Praying for you!

  14. Oh my goodness! Can't believe your water broke like that! So glad those ladies were so gracious.