Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Whelp, running jog/walking has been derailed. Last week I didn't get out running while the kids were at school because of one thing or another. I had to go grocery shopping early in the week, and then I spent two days making cookies during that time. The city of Veneta does a huge holiday bizarre at multiple locations throughout town the Friday/Saturday before Thanksgiving, including the preschool that Ayden and Rylee attend. I committed myself to contributing cookies for the bizarre. The kids didn't have school on Friday because of the bizarre, so I didn't go running then either. And then we were gone all weekend at the in-laws, celebrating Thanksgiving with Tony's family. 

Yesterday I missed running again, because I had to go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving stuff, and because our cupboards and fridge were getting pretty thin. I promised myself I would get out and run jog/walk today, regardless of if it was pouring down rain or not, but wouldn't you know it? The kids are home sick. They both have coughs and low grade fevers. Ugh. We actually had a break in the rain this morning though, so I did manage to get the kids outside for a short walk to get the mail and was able to rake the leaves in our yard while the kids enjoyed playing outside for a bit. Other than that, we are having a very lazy day at home today. Their school is closed the rest of the week for Thanksgiving break, so I won't have a chance to run then either. Maybe this weekend I'll be able to...

It's dark when Tony gets home from work now, thanks to the time change, so getting out at night isn't an option. I am signed up for that Jingle Bell 5K next weekend though, so next week I'm REALLY hoping I can get out early in the week for a few decent runs.

Either way, I'm not too worried about being able to finish the 5K. I just might be walking more than I would like, or had planned on. I'm still committed to making running more of a priority and plan on finding a race to sign up for after this upcoming one, even if I am currently at a standstill.


  1. You've got a commitment to yourself going and you WILL be back out there again!! I haven't been able to get out and ride my bike the last 2 weeks but planning on getting out there again tomorrow and start again. Commitment has set in me and has helped kick start when necessary after a lapse and you will do the same!!! Enjoy the 5k!!! Sounds like you are busy as usual but hopefully with fun stuff. I know the family enjoyed the cookie baking!!! Hope everyone stays well and Thanksgiving is a fun day for all!!! Love and hugs, Aunt D

  2. Keep at it! I only ran twice while in TX so now my body hates me. :-(

  3. Oh boo. I'm sure you'll still do great in the 5K! Lol, that's the most I could ever do, even at my peak of running. ;)