Friday, September 27, 2013

20 Week Anatomy Scan

Please forgive me for the delay, as this appointment was over a week ago, last Wednesday!  As I've mentioned before, life has been very busy.  I thought that once we finished coaching softball, things would calm down some.  Nope!  But that is okay, because we have two very good reasons for needing to get things done :)

The appointment went very well.  Both babies look fantastic and seem to be very healthy.  They took about an hour per baby, so it was a very long appointment, two and a half hours!

I know many of you are still waiting to find out the genders.  Wait no more!

First, Baby A.  This child seems to be our difficult one.  Baby A would not let us get a good profile picture, no matter how hard two different technicians tried.  However, Baby A did let us see the gender!

We have a GIRL!  (sorry baby A for sharing a picture of your privates)

Best profile we could get
Now for Baby B, who was very photogenic.

It's a BOY!  (I promise I won't share pictures of your "junk" later in life)
Apparently he's a little squished
Both are measuring on target with Baby A weighing approximately 10 ounces and Baby B 12 ounces.  So tiny!

At my 16 week u/s, there was a slight concern about Baby A's placenta sitting on the cervix.  The hope was that as the uterus expands with the babies growth, the placenta will lift away from the cervix.  At this appointment, that hope seems to be happening.  The placenta is no longer sitting on the cervix.  It's not where it should be, but the MFM doctor said that because it is moving, it should continue to move and not be a problem at all.

All good news!  We have a boy and a girl (although we would have been ecstatic with any combination), both are measuring well and have great heartbeats, they have all there limbs and organs, my cervix is nice and long, and no more placenta issues.  Yay!

We had a very relaxed reveal party on Saturday to announce the genders, which I will write about next time.  But for right now, I must hurry as Hubby will be home very soon and we will be leaving to go do our first baby registry!  So excited! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Introducing My Newest Niece

I have so much to write about, but I'm going to start by introducing my newest niece.  This last week and through the weekend was SUPER busy.  I have spent the last few days recovering and I still feel so exhausted.  Whoever said the second trimester was the honeymoon trimester.... was lying.  At least I haven't felt any energy returning.  I am always tired and can barely make it through the day without a nap.  That is why the weekend was incredibly tough for me, I didn't get much sleep and missed my daily naps, although I loved just about every minute.

Last Thursday, I got home early enough to do some last minute picking up around the house before my Aunt and my friend arrived to start cleaning.  Yes, I had to clean before we started cleaning :)

Once they arrived, we got busy.  The garage:  I wish I had taken a picture.  Basically, it had a pathway through the garage, but otherwise it was full of stuff (shit) that we had to sort through, making a decision between garage sale, keep, or throw away/recycle.  We also had a lot to do in the house.  Windows and blinds were cleaned, furniture was dusted and moved.  We had new furniture being delivered Friday morning, so we had to make room for it.

While we were working, my sister was preparing to head to the hospital for induction.  She was scheduled to check in at 6:30pm.  I stayed home and was waiting for her phone call to let me know when it was time for me to head to the hospital myself.  I had been there for her last two births (I missed the first one because I was out of state and my niece decided to come early) and I wasn't going to miss this one!  By about 9:30pm, I decided that I would probably get more sleep at the hospital curled up on the couch in her room, than I would at home waiting for her phone call.  I took a shower and headed out the door.  I arrived at the hospital about 10:30pm.

We took our selfie pic.  We've had one before each birth so this couldn't be the exception!

Her husband, Sis, and me
And then I settled in on the couch and tried to sleep.  Then I got up and had to pee.  And I tried to sleep some more.  And then I peed.  Tried to sleep, got up to pee. And so it went for a little over three hours.  It was quite annoying to have to pee pretty much every half hour!

Then it was go time!  The doctor came in and broke Sis's water, but I can't remember what time.  After that, things progressed fairly quickly.  I continued to lay on the couch until we got closer, which didn't take long.  My sister sets a very high bar for giving birth.  She's never had an epidural and things progress quickly.

The nurse came in to check her and she was dilated to an 8.  By this point, Steve was on one side of the bed and I was on the other giving our support and helping her breathe through the contractions.  The nurse left the room, but less than three minutes later, Sis was saying adamantly that the baby was coming!  She was at an 8 and then Bam!  Baby is coming.  The doctor was called and after just 7 minutes of pushing, miss Adilyn Belle was born at 2:19am.  From the nurse checking her at an 8 to baby entering the world took all of 10 minutes.

My beautiful niece, Adilyn Belle weighed 7 lbs, 3.5 ounces.  I can't remember how long she was, either 19 or 20 inches.

My sister, the rock star at giving birth
Holding my new niece for the very first time

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

19 Weeks and BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!

I actually reached 19 weeks on Saturday, so today I am 19w,4d.  I have been wanting to write this post for the past 5 days, but I've been sooooooo busy!

Friday, September 13th was our 16 year Anniversary.  We have now been together for 21 years, more than half of both our lives.  Crazy!  I can't believe we are that old.  haha!

We celebrated by going to the coast for the night.  I have really been wanting to go to the coast for awhile.  We only live an hour away, so it's a pretty easy trip really.  We have not actually done anything to celebrate our anniversary for years because we've always been coaching softball!  We went out for a dinner here and there, but nothing real special.  I also figured this would be our last chance to do this for awhile, since next year we should have not one, but TWO little ones with us! 

We got a late start since Hubby was working that day, but that was no big deal.  We arrived in Lincoln City about 6:30 and the first thing on the agenda was finding a place to eat.  We went to a place called Kyllo's and had a nice ocean view table.  It was a little more expensive than we would normally go out to dinner for, but we just decided to enjoy ourselves and celebrate our anniversary because it's something we really never do.

After dinner, we walked on the beach for a little while.  We were hoping to watch the sunset, but it was too overcast and the sun was hiding.  We still enjoyed watching and listening to the waves, and simply enjoyed our time together.

Then we drove the length of town looking for a place to stay.  We hadn't made prior reservations as we weren't sure what our plans really were going to be until a few days before.  If we didn't find a place to stay, we would just drive home and save some money.  That's the nice thing about living so close to the coast.  We could just go home.  There were several places that had no vacancies, and lots that did, but I wanted something that would hopefully have an ocean view so I could listen to the waves when I woke up in the middle of the night (because that's what I do! I don't sleep much lately).  We ended up in an old part of town, found a hotel, decided what our budget would be before we got out of the car, and went in to ask if they had any rooms available.

The guy said he had one king room and a few doubles.  He could give us a discount for $99.  Great!  We'll take the king.  He started booking it, then realized that it wasn't available.  No problem, we'll take a double.  No big deal.  He starts booking that, and then sees that he DOES in fact have a king room available with a balcony and he can give it to us for $89.  He felt bad because he was so wishy washy in what was available.  We didn't care but we definitely weren't going to complain about an even better rate!

When we got up the the room, we noticed on the door it had a sign that said Captain's Room.  I didn't think much of it, until we walked in and the room was ginormous!  We couldn't believe we found such a nice room and got such a good deal.  The view wasn't exactly of the ocean, but of the bay instead.  Again, we didn't really care.  We were there to enjoy each other's company and we hadn't put a lot of thought into this anniversary date to begin with.

View from our balcony
As I said, the view wasn't spectacular, but what can you expect on a last minute decision and an overcast day on the Oregon Coast?

We left for home fairly early on Saturday morning.  We could have spent time around town and gone to the beach again, but we would have just spent more money than we should, and we have a LOT of stuff that needed to be done at home.  Remember, we have some un-hoarding to do!

Sunday, we spent cleaning out our bedroom.  How often does a person actually move their bed and clean under it?  Pretty much when you get a new bed or move, right?  Well, we have a new bed being delivered this Friday, so we needed to get our room ready for it!  Soooo...... 9 years of collected dust and random lost items under the bed.  I should have taken a picture for you.  Uggggg.  We aren't just getting a new mattress either.  Oh no, we are upgrading.  We have had the same bed and mattress for all 16 years of our marriage so far.  Ready for it?  It's a double.  Yes, a double!  We are finally upgrading to a queen bed.  Woo-Hoo!  Much, much needed.  First of all, I am not going to be able to fit my pregnant with twins belly along side my husband for very much longer, especially if you add in a few extra body pillows in an attempt to sleep better.  Second of all, pretty soon we are going to need a little bigger bed to be able to snuggle our little ones when they decide they need to join us in the middle of the night.

We also got an unexpected visit from my sister, her husband, and my two nephews on Sunday.  We LOVE when we get to see the kiddos.  Also, my sister and I have been wanting to take a belly picture together.  She is due this week, so it was pretty much now or maybe never!

Sister Bumps!  She is 39 weeks and I am 19 weeks

19 week bump pic
 This is a crazy busy week.  On Monday after work, I had to meet my MIL at Sears.  They are buying our cribs for us and Sears was having a sale, so I HAD to meet her to approve the crib, even though I had already told her what we were looking for in our cribs.  How could I complain though when they are BUYING our cribs!  No way was I going to turn that down, so I offered to meet her.  The cribs are ordered and will be delivered this week.  The in-laws will keep them at their house until we are ready for them, as we have NO storage space for a few more weeks, after our garage sale.  MIL also bought our changing table pad (we will be using a dresser for the changing table), and wanted me to try on maternity pants.  I hate shopping for pants.  It wouldn't be such a big deal if the size that SHOULD fit me would even fit over a damn thigh!  Seriously, it sucks when you pull up one leg and know instantly those pants won't work.  We didn't end up with one pair of pants, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

After that, I was on a mission to get baby shower invitations.  I am throwing Sis a "meet the baby" shower in a few weeks and I NEED to get the invites out asap.  I always end up waiting till the last minute and it sucks.  First stop, nope, they couldn't help me because they were swamped.  Second stop, success!  Invitations designed and printed.  Now all I have to do is address and mail them. 

Then it was on to Costco for some much needed food items.  Finally, home after a loooonnnnnggggg day.  We ate dinner at 9:00pm.  I did mention it was a long day?

Yesterday, I needed to go grocery shopping, but went straight home after work instead.  So tired.  I wanted to write this post, but I took a nap instead.  Then I woke up and went to work.  More cleaning to do!

My Aunt D is coming tomorrow for the weekend.  I am so very excited to have her help.  She is amazing.  I recruited her to help me get rid of stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff.  Only thing is, I've had to un-bury the bed she will be sleeping in.  And make a path for her to get to it.  Yes, our spare bedroom is that bad.  Sigh...  I am really embarrassed about it, but biting that back and accepting the help so we can get our house ready for these babies.  I also have a really good friend and client of mine that is going to come help as well.  For some bizarre reason that I could never understand, she actually likes deep cleaning and has offered her help.  After this weekend, we should be ready for the garage sale (or at least close to ready) and my goal is to have the nursery room empty so we can start painting it and getting it ready.

In between all that, we are having some family over on Saturday for dinner.  We will be doing a very scaled down gender reveal party.  I'm keeping it very simple.  Just taco soup and a few cakes that will let everyone know what we are having!

Oh, and a quick time out for Sis to have her baby tomorrow night.  As long as they have a bed available, she checks in at 6:30pm.  They will call me when she gets close to delivery and I will meet them at the hospital.  I fully expect I will be up all night with them, and then have a busy day cleaning on Friday.  I hope I can survive all this!

Now, I really must go.  Our 20 week Anatomy Scan is this afternoon!  Yikes!  So excited and nervous all at the same time.  I really, really, really wanted to get this post written FINALLY, but I don't have time to proof read it.  Hopefully all my rambling makes sense and I haven't totally butchered the English language with my spelling.  Please forgive me if I did.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Is That What I Think It Is?"

Whelp, it finally happened today.  For the first time, I had someone ask me about my baby belly.  I was training a client in the weight room, and another gym member came right up to me and slyly asked,

"Is that what I think it is?"

That's all she said.  Hmmm, so I am supposed to guess what she what talking about?  So I grabbed my belly and said,

"You mean this?"

She didn't really confirm or deny, but I answered her anyway and told her yes, I am pregnant.  She then proceeded to ask me when I was due and congratulated me, all while I was counting reps for the guy I was working with at the time.

When the lady left, I told my client I sure was glad I could answer her question with a yes, otherwise that would have been a very awkward conversation! 

My belly is definitely starting to show, and I guess I am really, really grateful that it is looking like a baby belly and not just fat!  lol

Monday, September 9, 2013

Infertiles DON'T Forget!

This was not my intended topic at all, but then I read a comment that someone made on another blog and it has totally rubbed me the wrong way.  It wasn't even my blog, but I feel like maybe the comment was inadvertently directed toward me anyway and toward a comment I had made on this particular blog post.  The blogger was concerned about sounding unappreciative or insensitive to her IF sisters still in the trenches because she had voiced her (normal) pregnancy concerns in her post.  My comment to her was that she shouldn't feel like she can't voice her concerns or pregnancy woes out of concern for IF's still struggling.

Here's the comment that's got my goat this morning:

"and it’s good to hear, just trying to be honest, that you haven’t yet forgotten about your still trying infertile peeps out here. sometimes i get sad when infertility blogs i read finally get pregnant. selfish, i know. but i feel like i just lost one more person who ‘gets it’. it seems so often those who struggle with infertility instantly forget what it’s like once they have a little snuggle bug in their arms. so i’m glad to see you still get it."

Before I go any further, I feel I should remind everyone that it has taken us 14 years to get where we are at today, pregnant with twins.  I have been on this infertile path for a LONG time.  I'd also like to remind you that we didn't just happen to get pregnant on our own, or even through regular IVF.  We eventually got to the point of using an egg donor.  I don't think I'm likely to instantly forget what it's like to go through the struggle.

I'm going to be 40 years old with a pair of one year olds.  I'm not likely to forget what it's like, when I had always wanted four kids by the time I was 30.  That plan didn't turn out to be in the cards for us.  We are going to be almost 60 years old by the time they graduate from high school.  We are likely to be in our 70's when they bless us with grandchildren.  I'm not likely to forget that we struggled for so many years to have our family, when we may not be able to enjoy vacations with our grandkids because we are older than we had hoped to be at that stage in life.

When I pay our $800 bill each month for the next five years, I won't forget that it is to pay off the debt we took on in order to have even just a CHANCE of having these babies.

Once I am holding these "little snuggle bugs" in my arms, I am not going to instantly forget the 14 year struggle with infertility that we went through.  I am still going to 'get' the struggle that others are going through for their own children.

As I mentioned earlier, this comment was probably not even intended for me.  I know I shouldn't be spending so much time dissecting it either.  It just rubs me the wrong way that she would say "it's good to hear you haven't YET forgotten" about all the infertile peeps still trying.  It rubs me the wrong way that she says "SO OFTEN those who struggle with infertility instantly forget."  That just seems to put almost every single one of us that actually succeeds in this process in that category.  At least she admits to being selfish when she gets sad "when infertility blogs I read get pregnant."

I have never understood this way of thinking.  I always was encouraged by the success of others overcoming their IF struggles.  For many, many years, we thought we were never going to have any children.  Even during those times, I was HAPPY for others, including fertile myrtles.  Should I wish my pain and my loss on others?  That just doesn't seem right.  Seeing pregnant women has never bothered me.  Seeing Facebook pregnancy announcements never made me jealous.  Seeing pictures of babies has never sent me into a depression.  Being around kids has never pushed me over the edge.  If I wasn't going to have my own, I sure as hell wanted to enjoy everyone else's babies!

Don't get me wrong, I still don't understand why it's so easy for some and not for others.  There have still been a few pregnancy announcements that have hurt, such as when my sister told me she was pregnant with her fourth, following my miscarriage.  That was a hard moment for us both, considering she was our egg donor.  She got her positive hpt the day after I found out my baby was dead.  That was a difficult time for her as well.  I was happy for her, but at the time, I really hurt for myself.  Now, we are just excited to welcome her new little girl to the family within the next week or two.

I guess the whole point to this rant is that just because we are now pregnant, or just because an infertile has been blessed with a child or two or three, doesn't mean that we instantly forget the struggle.  I also don't think it means we should never complain or voice our pregnancy concerns.  Just because we struggled with infertility, doesn't mean we should ENJOY morning sickness.  Okay, the first time I got sick, I admit to celebrating and being happy about it.  However, when I threw up my lunch in the bathroom at work, and then turned around and had to meet a client with bruised and watery eyes feeling like death?  Yeah, I did not enjoy that moment.

I'm also scared about my impending baby belly.  It's something I've always wanted to experience, but I think all women worry at least a little bit about the baby belly that will be left behind postpartum.  That's not the part that scares me though.  Have you SEEN twin baby bellies?  It looks like it hurts!  How the hell am I going to be able to work with a belly that big?  I had an idea of what to expect with one baby, but two?  That makes me nervous.

I don't think it is wrong for us pregnant infertiles to voice these concerns.  I think we should be able to without fear of the backlash we may get from those still in the trenches.  Just because we don't like puking our guts out, or just because we have fears, does NOT mean we don't appreciate our pregnancy or the blessings of our little ones when they come.

When I hold these babies in my arms and get to snuggle them, I will NOT forget.  When I post pictures of the babies on Facebook or on my blog, it does NOT mean I forgot about the journey to get them.  When I complain about sleepless nights, about the financial strain, the whining, etc..... I will NOT forget!  Just because there are hard moments, does not make us any less appreciative of what we have been blessed with.  Just because you hear a complaint from us, does not mean that we don't understand and appreciate the hard fought battle to even get to this point.

I sympathize with all my infertile friends.  I cry with you.  My heart breaks for you on many occasions.  I will also cheer with you, celebrate with you, and shout with glee when your moment comes.  I will support you if you ever decide to change your path, whether it be toward adoption or living a child free life.  I will be your friend through thick and thin.

Just because I am pregnant now, does not mean I am through with this infertile journey.  I worry on a daily basis about these babies actually making it to the outside world.  How can I forget what the last 14 years of wanting a baby of my own has been like?  How can I forget the heartbreak of having a miscarriage at 9w5d?  How can I forget that if something were to happen to these two little ones, we will be living the rest of our lives child free and won't have a choice in the matter?

That being said, I don't feel like I should stop posting about my pregnancy and the plans we are making for them to join the world.  When they are born, this blog will become Old Lady with Two Babies instead of Old Lady and No Baby.  I hope that you will continue to be my bloggie friend and can rejoice with us.  But if it makes you sad that I am moving into the next phase, then I am sorry on your behalf, but I will continue living my life and sharing it with those that care to follow.  If  you no longer feel like you can continue following my blog, that is okay.  That would make ME sad to lose a friend, but it would be okay if that is what is best for you.  Please be aware though, that just because I brag about my kids, or vent about them on occasion, I absolutely will not instantly (or ever) forget our struggle with infertility.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Where are They Coming From?"

On Sunday, Hubby worked outside cleaning up our yard which, in addition to our house, has been drastically needing some TLC.  While he worked in the yard, I spent time in our garage clearing out all the softball stuff that needed to go back to the high school.  Our garage ended up being an extended storage space for softball gear and uniforms and, well, it's time for me to get rid of it as I'm no longer the coach!

At one point, a neighbor (who also happens to be an extended family friend) drove by and stopped to wish us congratulations!  She said they are very excited for us and asked if "we knew where the babies were coming from?"

I thought that was a rather odd question at first and wasn't sure I heard her correctly so asked her to repeat it.

"Do you know where they are coming from?"

I'm sure I had a pretty confused look on my face, but I grabbed my stomach and said "right here!"

Apparently,  she got the impression that we were adopting.  This neighbor is really a sweet and quiet lady and knowing her, I am sure she was really embarrassed at her faux pas.  I thanked her for the congrats and away they went down the road.

I went back and looked at my Facebook announcement to try and figure out how she got the impression we were adopting.  I didn't even allude to adoption, but I suppose it's unusual for a couple to try for so long and then actually end up with biological children.

This is one that I just shake my head at.  I know people sometimes say stupid things, but I also know this neighbor lady is one of the sweetest people I know and is probably kicking herself right and left for putting her foot in her mouth.  All I can do is shake my head and smile at the unexpected question of "where are my babies coming from?"

Sunday, September 1, 2013

17 Weeks

Today I am 17 weeks.  Amazing.  And kind of scary.  It's scary to think about how little time we actually have left to prepare for these munchkins.  I am just going to get bigger and bigger as time goes by, which will also make me able to do less and less, I'm sure.  We have a LOT to do to get our house ready. 

I'm embarrassed to tell you how unprepared our house is for these babies.  You know the show Hoarders?  Yeah, well, I'm not quite that bad, but it sure feels like it.  Actually, one room is that bad.  It's the room I throw everything in when I need to make the rest of the house look presentable.  Sigh.  So. Much. To. Do.  Our garage?  Yeah, well, we've lived in our house for 9 years now and we have never fully unpacked.  It could probably be on Hoarders too.  Sad.  Really sad.  So, that is what we will be working on for the next few weekends.  The garage and the hoarding room need to be cleaned out so that we have a place to put all the stuff from the room that will be the nursery.  We are hoping to have a garage sale at the end of September to get rid of a ton of stuff and hopefully make a little bit of money while we are at it.  Mostly though, we just hope to get rid of everything.  Okay, I can't lie.  We need the money too.

Yesterday I turned in my resignation letter to the high school, making it official that I will no longer be the Head Varsity Softball Coach.  It's a huge change for me.  I've been a part of the softball program at the school for the past 19 years.  I've spent 9 months a year coaching softball.  It's kind of nice to not have to worry about it anymore, but I am going to miss my girls so much.  It's also hard to hand the reigns over to someone else.  I'm torn between wanting them to bring in a really good coach that I would trust to take over the program, and wanting them to bring in a really crappy coach that will emphasize the impact I made on the program and what they are missing with me gone.  Truthfully, I just want someone that is going to come in and take care of my girls and help each one reach their full potential.

As for pregnancy stuff... in just over 4 months, I have only had 4 whole days of getting sick and literally puking.  After the last two times, I decided it's a pretty darn good thing it didn't happen every day for me because I would literally have black eyes.  One time, I had a lot of broken blood vessels under my eyes, which gave me some major baggage.  The last time, my eye lids reacted with the broken blood vessels.  I can't imagine what it would look like if that happened even two days in a row.  Ugh.  I feel very lucky that I haven't had very many days like that.  I've had other days of being nauseous, but I have nothing to complain about and have actually felt pretty good the last week or so.

Eating is rather difficult for me though.  Nothing sounds good.  Not a lot of things really taste very good either.  I'm trying to do a good job eating balanced meals, but I know I'm not coming anywhere close.  It really comes down to what I can stand eating.  Two things that are always okay are Mexican food and ice cream.  I usually don't keep ice cream in the house because it's always been a weakness of mine, but our freezer is staying well stocked of it right now.  I do keep myself to just one bowl of it a day, but I could very well eat it all day if I let myself.  I wouldn't consider this a craving though, because that is normal for me, preggo or not.

Sleeping is also rather difficult.  I am up 3 or 4 times a night to pee and I have an extremely hard time going back to sleep.  I just can't seem to shut my mind off.  It is not uncommon for me to end up awake for a few hours between about 2:00-5:00 in the morning.  This is not a problem on the weekends when I can go back to bed and sleep for a few more hours, but during the week I have to get up by 5:30am at the latest to get to work.  I read a lot of your blogs during the middle of the night.  That's the only good part about being awake when I should be sleeping.  I've been able to catch up on all your blogs!  No longer am I three weeks behind!  Woo-Hoo!  In fact, I just signed up for ICLW for the first time in months and I can't wait for that week to get here.  I haven't participated in quite awhile.

Hubby and I have been going for walks 3-4 nights/week.  At 13 weeks, I went for a walk by myself one day and found myself to be extremely winded after just a mile!  And it was just a stroll, not a serious walk by any means.  It concerned me, until a NP explained that my lungs are just compressed by the babies.  I was worried that I was just THAT out of shape and wondering how I was going to do this whole giving birth thing!  The walks have gotten better since that day, but sometimes by the end it is pretty slow going.  I feel extremely winded when I climb stairs and have trouble holding a conversation for a few minutes afterwards.  It's a strange feeling.  It's important for me to either keep walking or swimming (which I haven't done yet) to help prevent preeclampsia.  Hubby's been a trooper about going with me, which is great because he needs it just as much as I do and it's nice to spend that time together.

Maternity clothes have been a challenge.  Pants have been anyway.  I have ALWAYS had a hard time finding pants that fit me.  I am not very tall.  Okay, I'm short, at 5'3, but I am not very petite.  I have big hips and thighs, so I have always had trouble getting pants to fit up over my hips and I'm finding there is not an exception to that with maternity clothes.  I have tried on soooo many pairs of pants.  So far, I have two pair of capri's and that is it.  Otherwise, I am living in my sweatpants and athletic shorts.  The sweatpants work perfectly for now, as that is what I have to wear for my work uniform anyway.  I'd like to think they will work throughout the pregnancy, but time will tell.  I also have a hard time justifying spending a lot of money on pants that I will only wear for a few months and then never again in my life.  It's not like I will ever be pregnant again.  We know that for fact, so it just seems like a waste of money to me.  Yet, I have to wear SOMETHING!!

I have an appointment with my OB this Wednesday.  I haven't seen her since I was at 9 weeks, so it's been awhile.  I'm excited to hopefully be able to hear the heartbeats again, but otherwise, I really don't know what this appointment will be for other than just checking in. After that, my 20 week Anatomy Scan will be just two weeks away!  So excited for that and to finally know for sure what these babies are going to be.  Any guesses?  Boy/Boy, Girl/Girl, or one of each?  We have an idea, but we are waiting until we have confirmation before we get too excited about it one way or another.

17 Weeks