Thursday, August 30, 2018

We have Internet!!!

Wow! It's been 3 months (as of tomorrow) since my last blog post! We have been without internet for almost the entire summer. I am sooooo excited to have it back. I have about a million posts floating around in my head that I need to find time to write!

It's been a crazy summer. Here it is in a nutshell:

  • Tony's grandpa passed away. It was a blessing, as he'd been ready to go for a long time. Explaining death to 4 year olds was not easy. Rylee is very matter of fact about it, frequently telling people that "Grandpa M died." She also frequently states that she "doesn't want to get old and die."
  • We got an offer on our house in Veneta within four days of listing it. Everything went smoothly with the sale. It was still challenging to get everything packed and moved out.
  • The people we bought our new house from turned out to be assholes. That was not a super smooth process. More to come on that.
  • There was a gap between selling our old house and buying the new one. The timing couldn't have worked out much better with Grandpa M passing away, as we were able to move into his little duplex just two weeks later. Our couches, dressers, and closet clothes were the only things we moved into the house, everything else was stored in the garage. It was so nice not having to pack, unpack, and then repeat once our new house was ready.
  • The kids and I made the trek to Montana with Sis and her family, to see our other sister. We closed on our house while gone. Thankfully, Tony and I were able to sign papers before we left.   
  • The previous owners left the house a disaster. Again, we were very lucky to have a place to stay, because the house was totally not move in ready. We had to put in new carpet, had electrical work done, paint (lots and lots and lots of painting), shop vac the mounds and pounds of dog hair left behind from their three Australian Shepherd dogs, and scrub everything about a million times.
  • Then we had to move again. For those keeping track, that was our SIXTH move in just 3.5 years. Shoot. Me. Now.
  • Last weekend I ran in my 10th Hood to Coast relay, and I survived!
  • Oh, and the kids also took 10 weeks of swim lessons this summer. They just finished their last class tonight. We are going to take a little break, and then pick back up in a couple months again.

I hope that some of my bloggie friends are still out there reading! Please leave a comment and say hello if you are. I've missed this space! Until my next post, here's a bit of a photo dump. As stressful as this summer has been, we've managed to throw in some fun every once in awhile. The kids really needed it!

Grandma and Grandpa took them to their first rodeo.

We went to Enchanted Forrest, one of their absolute favorite places on earth.

My grocery shopping partners.

4th of July fun.

Watermelon eating contest!

My Princess and Prince Charming

Our wedding dates for one of the four weddings we went to this summer.

We had a family day at the beach.

Backyard water fun.

They had to share a bed all summer. Super adorable and sweet, other than the fact that they don't ever go to sleep while sharing a bed. I miss witnessing these moments, but I'm so glad they each have their own rooms again!

A little baseball fun!

So. Much. Sass.