Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Potty Training Fail

Exactly one week after starting potty training with Rylee, I had a short lived potty training start with Ayden.  I know he's ready, but I quickly learned that he is going to require a lot more individual attention for the first few days.


I read the Oh Crap! Potty Training book and decided to follow that method.  It had been going pretty smoothly with Rylee, and Ayden was wanting in on the action so I decided to bite the bullet and train him too.

Here's what happened....

That morning, Rylee decided that she needed to be the one to carry her pee (in little potty seat) from the kitchen to the bathroom and dump it in the toilet.  The problem was that she was sloshing it everywhere and I feared for the carpet.  I tried compromising with her, that I would carry it to the bathroom and she could dump it in.  We fought about this almost every time.  Good times.

For the first few days of potty training, the book recommends that they are naked on the bottom, so we spent the morning in the kitchen doing lots of fun activities like water colors, puzzles, etc.  Ayden had one accident, but it wasn't a big deal because he was sitting at their little table and the pee just hit his t-shirt and stayed contained.  Easy to clean up.

He's been sitting on the potty seat for months now before bath time, and the previous week when we started training Rylee, he sat on it (fully clothed) quite often.  It was always hit or miss whether he'd actually stay sitting on it, but he'd peed in it at least a good dozen times over the past few months.  Of course, the morning we started potty training, I couldn't get him to sit on it.  Of course.

So, a few hours into the morning, I was battling it out with Rylee after she'd peed in the potty chair, trying not to let her dump the pee all over the carpet on the way to the bathroom.  She was screaming.  She does that a lot.  Sigh.  I came back into the kitchen to find Ayden peeing all over one of the kitchen cupboards.  It happened to be the cupboard door that doesn't actually close all the way, so was partially open.  Not only did he pee all over the outside of the cupboard door, it was all over the INSIDE AS WELL!  It was dripping on the outside, on the inside, and was all over the shelf and on my griddle.  And he was just standing there watching it happen.

It was at that moment, three whole hours into our morning, that I gave up and put a diaper back on him.  I can't do it by myself with both of them.  We are going to wait until after we move and get settled, and pick a weekend to start where Tony will be around to help.

It took me a few days before I got up the nerve to make some peecakes again.  I mean PANcakes!  Pancakes.