Friday, February 27, 2015

Nap or Blog...

Apparently I have turned into a really, REALLY bad blogger.  I haven't been keeping up with reading blogs and I most definitely haven't been writing either.  I have scanned my blog reader a few times, to somewhat know what's going on in my bloggie friend's lives, but that's it.  Things have been busy and hectic, and I am TIRED.

This morning, Rylee missed her morning nap.  She decided to poop instead.  At first she just played and talked to herself, but then she started to fuss and cry.  After about 45 minutes of waiting for her to go to sleep, I gave up and went in to get her.  That's when I discovered she had taken a grumpy.  Ayden was sleeping, so I had the brilliant thought that I would give Rylee a little milk and try putting her down again.  While I was getting her milk, she took off down the hallway intent on waking her brother.  I caught her just before she entered his room.  Rylee then proceeded to scream her head off because she got caught, which of course then woke up her brother.  Sigh.

I spent the rest of the morning listening to both of them alternate between being cute little innocent toddlers playing together and then being cranky butts.  Mostly they were cranky and whiny.  Particularly Ayden.  He has now mastered the art of throwing a temper tantrum. He buries his face into the floor and then kicks his feet when he doesn't get his way.  He did that the other day in front of Tony and I and we couldn't help but just laugh at him.  It is pretty funny, although I'm sure we won't always see it that way.

Finally, it was time for afternoon naps and both of them went to sleep fairly quickly.  Thank goodness.  I debated on taking a nap.  I really would love a nap, but then I thought I should write something because I've also really been missing out on blogging.  So here I am, but wouldn't you know it, Rylee is now crying.  Sigh.  She's only been sleeping for about 35 minutes.  And now she's woken Ayden with her crying.

This is why I don't ever have time to blog anymore.  I'm thankful for my babies of course, but I sure would love to have good nap days again.  It wouldn't even be so bad, them skipping out on naps, if they wouldn't be so cranky the rest of the day!  Oh, and they also have been struggling to sleep at night lately too.  Did I mention how tired I am? 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Microblog Monday: Eliminating Bottles

Whelp, today is day 1 of Operation Bottles No More.  I decided it's time to start the elimination process.  They've been drinking water out of their sippy cups like champs, and now it's time to start adding milk to the sippys.  We are dropping both midday nap bottles and their bedtime bottle*, but are keeping the first thing in the morning bottle for now.  They both want that first bottle immediately, and they always cry and whine until they get it.  I decided to tackle the others first, get them used to drinking milk from the sippy, and then I'll take on the battle of eliminating the first morning bottle at that point.

We've managed to make it through the first nap without a bottle this morning.  Ayden drank his sippy cup of milk without blinking an eye.  Rylee could have cared less.  She took a few drinks, but wasn't really interested.  I put it in the fridge for later.  Hopefully, she'll catch on and drink enough to still get her necessary milk consumption.  I just may have to work a little harder and keep after her to try drinking it more throughout the day.

Wish us luck for the rest of Operation Bottles No More!

*Just to clarify, they always got bottles before naps and bedtime, but never WENT to bed or fell asleep with their bottles.  

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Thursday, February 12, 2015


Here I am!  We finally got internet hooked up again, and both babies are actually napping at the SAME time!  That seems to be a rarity these days.

We are officially out of our old house and moved into our new house.  We signed the closing papers for the sale of our house yesterday.  It's not quite official yet as there is still one more thing that has to go through, but we are getting close!  I can't wait for that chapter to be behind us.

I also can't wait to finally be all settled into our new house.  We love the house and the extra space.  It's actually bigger than our old house, which is nice.  However, it wasn't very clean when we moved in.  The previous renters had a dog and there is dog hair literally everywhere.  It also had a very definitive dog smell, and I still get a whiff of it over a week later.  It has reinforced the fact that I am so not an animal person.  I still can appreciate a good animal story or your cute furbaby pictures though. The owner swears they had the carpets professionally cleaned, and I believe that he thinks they did, but I think he was taken to the cleaners (pun intended).  When I vacuumed again yesterday, for the fourth time and still got a ton of dog hair which I could clearly see in my Dyson.... Yeah, I'm not convinced.  I told Tony that it will be worth it for my own peace of mind to pay for the carpets to be cleaned ourselves so we KNOW it has been done.  Besides that, Ayden has decided that the carpet is the very best thing in the world to eat.  I can't even begin to tell you how many little pieces of carpet I have pulled out of his mouth already.

Eating the yummy (GROSS!) carpet

In addition to the carpets, I've been scrubbing down the walls, windowsills, and cupboards.  We hired someone to come in and clean our old house.  I made so many day trips back and forth with the babies to just get things packed up, that I also decided it was worth it to have someone else do the cleaning there.  I was just too overwhelmed to get it all done by myself.  Tony's dad delivered the last load of stuff from our old house here last night.  Now our garage is a mess of stuff that needs to be organized and put away.

While I've been working on cleaning and putting stuff away, Tony has been baby proofing like crazy.  All the cupboard doors and drawers within baby reach.  Every time we think there is a spot that doesn't need it, Ayden proves us wrong.  I finally broke down and had Tony baby proof my china hutch.  I didn't want to drill into it, but unless we want to leave it empty, it had to be done.  I put 2 things in the very back of the cupboard and Ayden crawled inside to get them.  Sigh...  

Tony has a 4 day work trip to Texas next week.  My Aunt D will be coming to stay with us so she can help with the babies and getting our house put together.  It is near impossible to get anything done with two toddlers running around and getting into everything.  Plus, my Aunt D is AMAZING at getting things done.  She also cooks for us.  I'm also just excited to see her.  One of these days, I'm hoping she can come for a visit without me putting her to work!  Haha!

Well, I should actually be getting some unpacking done while the babies are asleep.  I've been dying to get back to the blogging world though and we finally have internet!  I'll leave you with some pictures from this last week.

They like the new seating arrangement!  

Moving problems.  He got himself stuck!  haha!

These double doors push open from the outside, but not from the inside.
He found himself stuck again!  Rylee came to the rescue.

They love having their own little play corner.

She LOVES sitting there reading her books