Friday, March 18, 2016

Moving Week

To put it bluntly, moving is the pits.  However, I am so thankful that we've had so much time to do it and it hasn't all had to be a real quick weekend thing.  We've already taken one horse trailer load to the "new" house.  Last weekend my aunt and I loaded up our cars and took some stuff.  We got about half the kitchen scrubbed down and a few of the cupboards and drawers lined.  The kitchen is gross.  It's pretty much the only thing I can't handle right now about this move.  Yesterday, we had professional movers come and move our biggest and heaviest furniture items and I took another car full of stuff.  The movers were expensive, but oh so worth it.  I didn't want to watch my fil, husband, and whoever else happened to be helping move those big items again.  Even the movers had a hard time with our oak china hutch.

Tomorrow is our BIG moving day and will be our first night in our new house.  I am so not ready.  Way too much stuff for me to do.  I had to sit down for a little blog post though, because I don't know how long it will be for our computer to be hooked up again!  I can't wait to get settled in and start catching up on all my bloggie friends.  It's been awhile since I've been able to sit down and just read.  Hopefully soon....

I need to take advantage of nap time now though, and get some more packing done.  This afternoon we have our last park play date with our twin friends here.  The other mom and I have promised to keep in touch and get our kids together, but I know that distance and just life in general makes that challenging.  It's so sad that now, when our kids have finally REALLY connected and become best friends, we are moving.  They are so much fun to watch together!

Okay, off to pack.  But first, a few pictures of my "helpers."  Moving with toddlers definitely makes for a slow process.  lol

Monday, March 7, 2016

Microblog Monday: Bullet Points

  • We moved our first big load on Saturday.  Can I just say how much I really hate moving?  Also, we have a lot of shit crap.
  • Tony inconveniently will be out of town for a work conference from Thursday through Sunday this week.  Fortunately, I have the best Aunt in the world that is going to come help me pack and take a car load to our new house.
  • In addition to moving, the big semi-annual Consignment Sale is this week.  That's been great for getting rid of stuff, but also really stressful as far as getting everything ready for it.  I can't wait to shop on Wednesday though!  Kind of defeats the point of getting rid of stuff!
  • I've been trying to sell a lot of shit crap on buy/sell/trade sites and have been fairly successful.  Although, I'm not sure if the amount of time that consumes in taking pictures, posting them, answering questions, and then delivering items really is worth the amount of money I'm making.
  • As much as I'm trying to sell stuff, I'm also taking large loads of shit crap to donation drop off sites.
  • I. Am. Tired.

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