Monday, December 2, 2019

Right Now: December Edition

Reading: My 4th grade reading group is reading Hatchet, which is actually a very good book and one I'd enjoy reading on my own (if I ever made time to read for myself). The kids bring home beginning reading books a few times a week that we read together as well.

Watching: Right this very minute, Surf's Up is playing on Netflix. I am home with a sick Ayden today. He has had an off and on again fever since last Thursday, on Thanksgiving! He also has a nasty cough. For myself, I've been enjoying This is US, A Million Little Things, and New Amsterdam, all of which are now on break till after the New Year unfortunately.

Listening: currently listening to Ayden whine about wanting to go to school. He is SO sad he is stuck home today. As for music, we listen to a lot of Disney on Amazon Prime, and their current favorite is the song Old Town Road by Lil Nas X. That's a song that gets played in their P.E. class often at school, and they come home singing it and asking for me to play it.

Drinking: Sparkling water! Lot's of sparkling water, which my husband calls "fuzzy drinks." Hahaha! He likes to give things names. My favorite flavors are the cran-raspberry flavor from La Croix, and pineapple-coconut and blackberry-vanilla from Safeway's off brand, Signature Select. I also try to drink lots of regular water and have an occasional Diet Pepsi.

Eating: Crap. Writing this post made me realize that I don't have anything planned for dinner yet. Ugh. I had a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats for breakfast. I'm going to eat leftover Yangs (teriyaki) for lunch. I can't get Ayden to eat anything today except for two applesauce pouches! That doesn't bode well for him getting better. Or for him being in a better mood, because he is one that gets HANGRY!

Wearing: Jeans, a black Central Softball sweatshirt with a grey jog-a-thon t-shirt underneath, socks, and my hair in a ponytail.

Loving: That the kids LOVE school so much and seem to be thriving! I'm going to enjoy that for as long as possible!

Wearing their Dolphins (school mascot) shirts

Anticipating: Our trip to Great Wolf Lodge for Ayden and Rylee's birthday! We were hoping to stay two nights, but because it's so close to Christmas, the price is outrageous and we can only afford to stay one night. We are going to take full advantage of the two days at the water park though!

Hoping: That Rylee doesn't catch whatever bug that has plagued Ayden. She performs in the Nutcracker in just three days! Fingers crossed she stays healthy, and that Ayden gets better SOON.

Following: hmmmm.... the status of my Uncle Bob's health through updates from my Aunt D. He has cancer and has been on the decline for a long time.

Wondering: Who all will be coming to our big 6th birthday party and if it's a mistake to try doing it at our house this year, lol! In an attempt to not spend so much on their birthday party so we can go to Great Wolf Lodge, we decided to have their party at our house. I'm hoping I don't regret that decision.

Trying: to get Ayden to eat something besides an applesauce pouch today! He says he's hungry, but all he wants to eat is applesauce. He's already had two pouches. Pick something else, Buddy!

Worrying: How in the world I am going to be able to juggle coaching, working full time, and momming during softball season. I've pretty much made the decision that next year will be my last season. I would quit after this season, but I don't think it would be fair for this year's junior class to have yet another new coach for their senior season. That would mean they would have to go through three different coaches throughout their four years of high school and I don't want to do that to them. As much as I love coaching, I love my children more, and I have realized how short my time with them is going to be. I don't want to miss it by being unavailable three months out of the year!

Planning: A 6th birthday party! We are having a Pokemon/Superhero costume party. Ayden is currently obsessed with Pokemon, and Rylee has wanted a Superhero birthday party for the past several months, so we are combining the two!

Contemplating: If we should keep Ayden and Rylee in the same class again next year, or separate them. They do a great job of working independently of each other and don't really have any issues being in the same classroom. It's easier for ME as far as only having to keep track of what's going on for one class, homework, one parent/teacher conference, etc. I think they would totally be find in separate classes as well. My biggest concern for that is what if one of them gets a phenomenal teacher, and the other gets a sub-par teacher? We still have time to figure it out, but it's something that has been on our minds as parents.


  1. OMGosh girl...look at what time you posted this!! GREAT blog though & you know these are my full of catch up info!! I sure hope Ayden is feeling better today...sure going to miss seeing Rylee at the NUTCRACKER again but know she will be beautiful & a shining star...& may Ayden be well!! You all are so busy & the kids are doing GREAT!!! Know you will miss coaching but family time is important & rest for Mommy is very important too!!! Birthday party will as always turn out to be a HIT & Great Wolf Lodge is going to be so special for you all!! Wishing you all a healthy month so that you can enjoy all of the fun & special times ahead!!! Enjoy finishing HATCHET!!! Love & hugs, Aunt D

    1. Bahaha! I posted it at 1:59 during the DAY! Not the middle of the night, lol. I always think of you when I write these Right Now posts, because I know they are your favorite. You might be missing Rylee's Nutcracker again this year, but I know you will be at one in the future!

  2. I'm sorry about your uncle's health, friend. And Ayden being sick. I hope Rylee doesn't catch it! The Great Wolf Lodge sounds so fun!

    1. Thank you, Risa! Ugh, I really hope Rylee doesn't catch it either. We have way too much stuff going on this month. No time for anyone to be sick!

  3. I really want to take our kids to Great Wolf but the costs is a bit insane. How did it go?

    What does your school district say about twins? Some school districts have policies for either keeping twins together or keeping them apart. It may not make as much of a difference to keep them apart as it would be for same sex twins because they might have different friends. Good luck with your decision- I'm sure it will be fine either way!

    1. GWL was tons of fun!!! Although, I really do agree that the cost is outrageous. It cost us $20 to rent a locker the day we checked out (you're allowed to use the waterpark until closing, but check out of the hotel is 11am). We took everything to the car except for dry clothes for the ride home and my purse. $20! Insanity! But memories were made and the kids thought it was AMAZING.

      Our school district (or at least our elementary school out of the 3) is supportive of whatever the parents think is best, which I appreciate. In the research that I've done, studies have shown that there isn't necessarily a great advantage or disadvantage to keeping them together or apart based on identical twins/fraternal/same sex, but rather on each set of twins individual dynamics/personalities. What might be the best thing for one set of boy/girl twins, may not be the best thing for another, and parents generally have the best understanding of what would benefit their children the most. We're still on the fence, but leaning toward keeping them together for one more year. They do have a lot of the same friends, but neither one of them have any trouble making their own friends either.